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What happens to the different colors of light when white light shines on a violet object.?

The violet part of the spectrum is reflected while the rest of the wavelengths that make up white light are absorbed.

What happens to the different colors of light when white light shines on a violet object.?
don't no ,that's over my head.
Reply:it is absorbed into the object.

the light you see is the light reflected, in this case violet.

If my great grandmother had violet eyes, how likely is it for my children to have violet eyes?

My great grandmother had violet eyes, but after that, everyone else in my family has had brown. My brother and I have lighter brown eyes since our father's dad is White. Is it possible for my children to have violet eyes?

And just in case you didn't know, violet is a real eye color, but just not common.

And is it possible for mine to change? My eyes used to be really dark, but they have gotten lighter.

If my great grandmother had violet eyes, how likely is it for my children to have violet eyes?
There is really less than a 1% chance of your children having violet eyes. It might be possible, but it's doubtful.

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What do you think of the name Annika? Possibly with the middle name Violet or Nicole?

My one year old little girl is named Annika. We pronounce it as the Dutch and Swedes do: Ahn-nick-ah. The emphasis is on the "ahn". We get nothing but COMPLIMENTS on her name. It is unique, but not too weird. You will love it. However, I must say that I think Violet goes better as a middle name rather than Nicole...those names are amazingly similar sounding...sort of repetitive. But Annika is a wonderful and beautiful means 'grace.'

What do you think of the name Annika? Possibly with the middle name Violet or Nicole?
I like Annika Violet. I feel that Annika Nicole has too many K sounds in it. Don't listen to what anyone else says, if you like the name, then go for it. At least Annika is an actual name and spelled correctly and not the made up crap everyone else is using like Jayden or Marrleigh....those type of name make me want to vomit. Annika sounds like a classy and unique name..I love it!
Reply:definetly Annika Nicole

its okay name

people might just have trouble pronouncing it
Reply:I love it, it sounds Russian. It doesn't work with Violet, but Nicole is fun to say. I also like Anya
Reply:interesting, unique-it really sounds good w/the name Nicole

Reply:Annika Violet goes well if it has a last name included, like Annika Violet Connors for example, but just as two names together, I think Annika Nicole is a beautiful name :]
Reply:I like Annika. It means beautiful and not many people have this name. Do Annika Violet. The name Nicole is too commonly used as a middle name.
Reply:I really love that name and yes, I'd pronouce it Ah-ni-ka. I think it goes best with Nicole rather than with Violet, but I like both
Reply:Annika is really nice. Nicole doesn't flow with it -- plus it is so overused!
Reply:I like it better with violet
Reply:i would pronounce it the same way you do. I like Annika Nicole better than violet. its a pretty name
Reply:i love the name Violet but I dont like Nicole
Reply:I like Annika with Nicole, but not with Violet. As far as names go, though, I like Violet a lot.
Reply:Never use a name that most people will not pronounce the way you believe it should be.

Annika is the kind of name Britney Spears would select, if that validates your taste. Paris Hilton would go with Violet, I can assure you.
Reply:It's a good name, popular in Sweden as a diminutive of Anna (notables include golfer Annika Sorenstam and artist Annika Larsson). One of my Danish ancestors was named Anniche, which is the Danish spelling. When put together with Nicole, though, it makes me think of Anna Nicole Smith; many other people may make the same connection.
Reply:I like Annika violet,

Annika Nicole kinda sounds weird because people Might call her Anna Nicole,

like Anna Nicole Smith,

Reply:I love the name! It's very pretty, and fresher sounding than Annabelle or just Anna.I say it as ANN-ih-kah, with the 'ih' sounding like the "i' in Nicole.

I much prefer Annika Violet. Annika Nicole does have a snappy rhythm, but Nicole sounds tired and becoming a filler middle name. If Nicole has meaning for you, I would choose it. However, if there is no significance to Violet or Nicole, I prefer the soft, fluid feel of Annika Violet.
Reply:I say this with all do respect, but I do not think I would have been able to pronounce that in the way you wish. My initial guess was Ann-ick-ah, clearly not what you were going for. I am not a huge fan of the name myself, I do not know why but it makes me think of Star Wars, even though I've never watched a full movie. Perhaps using one of your middle name ideas for the first name might be a better choice? Best of luck
Reply:I like that name it's different and I would choose nicole as the middle name
Reply:Annika Nicole sounds better.
Reply:An-ni-ka. Annika Brionne
Reply:Annika Nicole is really cute. Would she go by Anne or Annie for short?
Reply:I love that name! Annika is very pretty.

I like Annika Nicole best.

I would pronounce it Anne- Nih- Kah. It's lovely.

What is the best hair dye for african american hair that carries a violet or purple?

well jazzing works pretty well. but i suggest this if you want some brighter more vibrant pieces of purple with a violet back drop. have matrix socolor 5vr put as a base color. get highlites put in with a conditioning decolorizer try to get as light as possible with out being white. even yellow is fine it will still work. then apply matrix prizims to the whole head- in the violet plum-careful this stains! follow the directions and remember not to shampoo to remove it the first time! i promise this is frreaking awesome color and you will love it! also though, its a temporary dye (prizms) so you will see it come out when you wash your hair. it lasts 8-12 shampoos. so becareful of clothes when you first come out of shower unless your hair is dry! hope this helps but it will be rockin~ im sure! ;)

What is the best hair dye for african american hair that carries a violet or purple?

How do I keep my African Violet alive?

Following is the information i got from AVSA home page plus what i think is important. It works fine for me. hope it helps you.

Basic Care for African Violets


In general, African violets need just enough water to keep the soil moist, but never soggy. Too much water will leave your African violets susceptible to root rot and crown rot. Overwatering can also cause de-nitrification, a condition, which prevents plants from getting the nitrogen they need. One method is to put water in the saucer under the pot so the soil can absorb amount of water they need when the soil feels dry and the pot too light (about one a week or two). Discard any water left after 30 min. The water should be room temperature. Water too cold can cause leaves to curl down as the water is absorbed into the plant. It is always important not to get water on the leaves. The only exception to this is when you are spray misting for purposes of quick feeding or increasing the humidity around your plants. Never use soft water and avoid using highly chlorinated water.


Look for potting soil or other debris, which may have accumulated on the leaves. Dust, dirt and other debris may be removed using a soft-bristled brush, such as a small artist paintbrush or make-up brush. Note, however, that any brush of this kind should be reserved exclusively for use on your plants. Next, inspect your African violets for spent blossoms. Also, keep your eyes alert for leaves that are damaged. Spent leaves and flowers encourage rot that, under the right conditions, can spread to healthy parts of your African violets. Damaged leaves and flowers leave your African violet vulnerable to bacterial diseases, viruses and other microorganisms, such as Nematodes. Finally, your grooming routine should always include an inspection for insects and other pests. Often, the pests themselves will be clearly visible. Even if you do not see them, however, most pests will leave symptoms. The appearance of any unusual characteristic on your African violets should be cause for further investigation. Remember that insects and other pests are easier to treat when their presence is discovered early.

Light Requirements

The amount of light that an African violet receives is important for its health and overall performance. African violets need light for photosynthesis. While photosynthesis is most often associated with a plant’s green leaves and stems, its most vital function is to convert carbon, hydrogen and oxygen (in the form of carbon dioxide and water) into usable energy called plant carbohydrates.

If an African violet does not get enough light, it will stop flowering and its leaves will begin to turn yellow. It is also likely that the African violet which is not getting enough light, will become rangy as it develops elongated leaves and stems. African violet should be placed near the window facing east. If sun light is too hot, use thin curtain on the window.

It is important to remember that African violets need at least eight hours of darkness, each day, in order to bloom. While African violets need a sufficient duration of light to produce florigen (flowering hormone), florigen itself does not trigger blooming until it is dark. For this reason, African violets should receive light for no more than 16 hours a day. To properly regulate the duration of light, you may want to consider getting a timer for your grow lights.

Temperature and Air Quality

In terms of temperature, humidity and other factors of air quality, African violets thrive in an environment that most people would consider pleasant. Therefore, if you feel comfortable, chances are, your African violets are feeling comfortable as well.

In general, you should keep the air temperature around your African violets as close as possible to 70 degrees F. Also, while extreme variations in temperature should always be avoided, do not be concerned about slight fluctuations between day and nighttime temperatures. Good air circulation, especially when the air is damp, helps prevent the growth of such fungi as Botrytis and Powdery Mildew.


Choose a leaf that is fresh and fairly young but full size. Cut the stem at an angle, leaving a stem below the leaves that is 1 - 2 inches long. Fill a small pot (that has drainage holes) with a very light potting mix. (It can be bought at the Home Depot) Set the leaf into the prepared pot at an angle. Do not set it into the soil very deeply. Water and allow the excess moisture to drain away. Place the potted leaf into a clear plastic bag (zip-loc bags work well) and seal it tightly closed. You may wish to blow into the bag as it is sealed to puff it up with air. Set the leaf in a bright location out of direct sunlight. It normally takes about one month for the leaf to root and another month for the plantlets to appear.

How do I keep my African Violet alive?
Your African violet will thrive if you find a spot for it where it gets lots of REFLECTED light -- not direct sunlight, but reflected light. Get some African Violet plant food and feed it by putting the drops, in water, in a dish and sitting the potted plant in it so it will soak upthe nutrient through the roots. African violets don't do well if the leaves get wet, so this is the best way to water and feed them.

If you do this,you'll have sturdy and prolific flowering plants.

Reply:put it at a sunny window if you have one, get a plant light if you don't have a sunny window. remember to water but not to soak the roots in water, be sure the water can drain out at the bottom.

may be you should add some details on how the plant is doing.
Reply:With my African violets, I start with the a soil specially made for African violets. You need a pot with good drainage, and you need to keep the soil moist ( not soaking wet). I also use a fertilizer specifically made for them too. Always be very careful not to get any water or dirt on the leaves. When this happens to me, I quickly get a paper towel and start dabbing the water off. There are even special brushes made for cleaning dirt from the leaves, but all I do is use the spray can air used for my keyboard to get the dirt and dust off. Also, African violets do need sun to promote blooms, but never in a window with direct sunlight lasting more than 4 hours. Good luck with your violets! Hope this helps.

When is the best time of year to grow an african violet?

You can grow an African Violet at any time of the year. They are an inside plant, and love being in filtered light. Water about once a week, by putting water in a bowl, setting the pot inside the bowl, until it takes up all the water. Check your plant at least once a week, to make sure it doesn't go completely dry. Also, to get it to bloom, use a 15-30-15 soluble plant food and feed it about once a month. Don't get the leaves wet.

When is the best time of year to grow an african violet?
from seeds or cuttings .!!

if you keep the plants indoors you can sow/take cuttings now
Reply:They are grown year round in the house. A good source for information on them is

I have one given to me as a gift by a friend and it is over 10 years old now.

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What does the simile "Proud as a Violet" mean?

I read Charles Dickens "The Christmas Tale" and the simile was in it. I know the short story was published in England in the mid 1800's. Wondering how can a Violet be proud?

What does the simile "Proud as a Violet" mean?
That's odd, as it's usually the opposite; a "shrinking violet" or a "shy violet." Perhaps it has to do with the royal color of a violet -- purple is a majestic/royal/proud color.