Friday, November 18, 2011

The meaning of Violet Hill by Coldplay?

I was just wondering how you interpreted it as. I absolutly love it but I came up with a few different possible meanings... And i'd really like to settle on one! Its brilliant


The meaning of Violet Hill by Coldplay?
well on the Scott Mills show on radio1 they were all confused by this as well. so they went and did loads of research and stuff and found out about some woman called Violet Hill in America who had met Chris Martin or something like that. so they rang her up and asked her questions like "have you heard of coldplay" and "do you know chris martin" and i dont know how popular coldplay are in america but everyone on the radio (and me) did seem to think that the way the woman answered seemed to make it quite obvious she had definetely heard of coldplay, and she had definetely met chris martin the answer to ur question is

violet hill is someone who met chris martin.
Reply:I think the song Violet HIll is generally about a break up. And the one who broke the relationship is still in love with the person.

Was my answer too obvious?

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Reply:I haven't really thought about the meaning yet because I'm still listening to the melodic side of it.

I adore the chorus with it's harmonies, but I also love the very end of the song with just Chris and the piano. It's so simple and beautiful. I'd kind of like to hear a whole song of it - it has a sort of hymn quality which I find beatiful, and I'm not even religious.

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