Monday, May 11, 2009

Does gentian violet work for yeast infections?

I've heard it can be applied to a tampon and used for yeast infections, but it says for external use only.. hmm.. any comments?

Does gentian violet work for yeast infections?
yes it does and you can pour it on to a tampon and insert it. also yogurt works the plain unflavored kind. you can fill up a cardboard tampon tube with the yogurt and "inject" it up there or you can freeze the tube and insert it that way...less mess.
Reply:It works very well!!! When I was pregnant and couldnt get rid of my yeast infection I just took a small soft paint brush and painted myself. I really havent had one since then. I was the only hing that worked for me!!
Reply:aslo taking acidipholis pills daily can help..acidipholis can be found at any drug store or department store.

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