Monday, May 11, 2009

How can I revive my african violet ?

I thought I was doing okay. I had a lot of very nice flowers come out, and then I'm not sure what happened. They all roted and fell off :( Any suggestions ?

How can I revive my african violet ?
Just the flowers?

If so.. why do you say rotted?

They will brown and die off naturally but new flowers will keep coming on. When I hear "rot" I think overwatering however you would be losing the leaves too.

I have found my african violets always did best in an east facing window. Be sure to get rid of the florist cellophane around the plastic pot. They don't like wet soggy roots.

If it is in a decorative pot, is there a hole for drainage?

Be sure not to get water on the leaves when you water, they'll get a little droopy when they need it. Use fertilizer for african violets. When you dust off their fuzzy leaves use a new toothbrush that has never had tootpaste on it. The floride damages the leaves and you will lose the plant. There are terrific little self watering pots just for African Violets. Take a look, their cute and make them happy!
Reply:Perhaps you gave it too much water. They always prefer being watered from below.

Don't worry, -if there is water in the pot, tip it out and wait until it seems almost dry before giving more water.

They will soon flower again if they have been happy there before.

Their preference is for indirect sunlight, but plenty of light.

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