Monday, May 11, 2009

Why can't I get my African Violet to flower?

I have had one for quite a while, and it has beautiful green leaves. But it never flowers - the only time it's had flowers is when I first got it. What am I doing wrong....or not doing at all?

Why can't I get my African Violet to flower?
This site tells you everything about looking after your plant, it really is a good site for african violet keepers, good luck :)
Reply:Is it getting enough sun? Are you over fertilizing it? I use Schultz African Violet drops once a month according to directions and my violets are full of blooms.
Reply:Perhaps it is not getting enough sun or it needs a little food. Schultz makes a liquid food specifically for flowering plants. My advice would be to use half the strength that is suggested on the directions.
Reply:Use fish emulsion fertilizer according to the direction on the label. Kind of stinky, but it works!! Also, lots of morning sun!

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