Monday, May 11, 2009

How do you define color violet to a blind person?

most call center asked out of the blue questions like " how do you define color violet or orange or yellow to a blind person"?

How do you define color violet to a blind person?
I would tell them its position on the electromagnetic spectrum
Reply:You don't. You can't describe color to someone who has never known sight. You can't describe it without naming other things you'd have to see to understand. "it's a dark color" Blnid people don't know dark. "It's a lighter color than purple" Blind people don't know light, or purple.

Explaining color to a blind person is about as hard as it would be for a blind person to explain seeing nothing (not even Black) to a sighted person. You just can't understand it without seeing it.

What you could do (and what I've done with my boyfriend who is totally blind) is name things that are that color for information's sake. "Some flowers are violet. Your shirt is violet." etc. Or how the color relates to things. "Your violet shirt makes your eyes more noticeable and attractive" or something like that.
Reply:try definig violet to him by essence of violet stuffs like lavender,plums and grapes e.t.c

just guessng.....
Reply:Do they know science? Check the wikipedia article I'm linking in sources about electromagnetic radiation and they or you can read that to explain violet. Violet is around 400nm (nano meters) wavelength.

If they were born blind, then they probably have zero concept of color, although I have read that the visual part of the brain is often side-wired to other senses (thus you get people who "see" musical notes or smells). Perhaps you could ask them if they have an sense of something like that and find something that you both match with violet??

Or more indirectly, find some things that are violet, and have them remember the associated smells, other senses that come with those. Purple flowers, purple sunsets, .... ?
Reply:If they were born totally blind then there is no way to describe it to them.
Reply:Tell a the color puple but a little more red with it
Reply:viloit um its like purple

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