Monday, May 11, 2009

What is the best way to take care of an African Violet?

How often should I water it, how much, where should I keep (by the sun all the time, or only half the day) Just please give me any info on the best way to take care of it the best and keep it healthy and growing? And alos I need to clip it or something? I keep it in my house if that helps its not in a garden or anything...

What is the best way to take care of an African Violet?
I love African Violets, and have many in my house. To answer your question on how long to leave your violet in the sun, it depends how hot of a climate you live in. I live in Oregon and I leave them in the sun all day, even in the summer. They can get burnt and wilt from the sun if it gets too hot, so take that into consideration. They have special african violet pots that allow the water to drain and soak through slowly. They are very prone to rot if they are over watered. They don't need to be clipped ever. But if youre very successful, then a second plant might grow from the base of your first plant, then you'll need to seperate them. I hope this helps you, good luck!
Reply:I did EVERYTHING to keep mine alive, It passed on one day

I threw it in the mulch pile .It was dead. it grew and flowered,

they need shade some from the sun.a little bit moist All the time I assume

and rich dirt.and act indifferent to it.
Reply:Good question, they die if you just breathe close to them it's ridiculous.There is special food looks like ink and it's in a little bottle with dropper.No too much water, no cold, not to hot.Good luck, mine died anyway b/c few times they were outside overnight i forgot to bring them in and was too cold.I hope this helped a little and hope you have more luck than I.
Reply:Defused light, water from below, under the leaves, after it dries out and just leave it alone. The problem most folks have is they pay too much attention to them. They like to be tight in a pot, and will bloom that way, do not keep repotting them. Additionally, they could branch a whole new plant if growing well! Let the branch get firmly established before pulling up the plant and splitting it....I have eight violets just at work and 2 of them are more than 5 years old and still blooming beautifully! Good luck!
Reply:They don't like direct sunlight. Don't overwater them. When you do water them, always water from the bottom. Best to seek advice of a florist or via the internet.
Reply:They don't like direct sunlight but diffused. They sure don't like wet feet. Water just the dirt by lifting up the leaves so nothing gets wet. There is a special blend of potting soil you can use. If you life where it is a darker winter they benefit greatly by plant lights. Of course they love plant lights all the time but you should follow manufacturers recommendations. Also checkout your library or e-bay for books:)

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