Monday, November 16, 2009

Adelaide of Violet which is sweeter soundng?

and if you don't like the names don't answer! All I want is an answer to this poll, not anybody telling me that they don't like either, or any suggestions other than these.

Adelaide of Violet which is sweeter soundng?
Adelaide is better.
Reply:I like Violet better. Adelaide is super-sweet too, though. It always makes me think of "marmalade".
Reply:Adelaide. :-)
Reply:Adelaide, it was my favorite great-aunts name. She was a wonderful person, I'm sure your little one will be too!
Reply:i like violet more its more normal.

i much prefer the nickname of addy to that of Vi for violet.

Adelaide sounds beautiful, i like it.

both nice names though, good luck!! =]
Reply:I like both, but Adelaide has a softer, sweeter sound to my ear. Also, as long as you avoid the overused Addie nickname, it definitely comes across as the less expected, more quaintly old-fashioned choice. ;) And a pet form such as Ada or Della only makes it sweeter, in my opinion.

Lovely choices, by the way. ;)
Reply:I really like them both, but I'd go with Adelaide because it's less common, plus I like Addy as a nickname. But they're both very classic, beautiful names.
Reply:Violet is better. (Adelaide is ok but always reminds me of lemonade!)
Reply:I love the name Violet.
Reply:I love Adelaide - but would never use it because I live there!

Violet is also gorgeous.

Great choices!
Reply:I quite like Adelaide
Reply:I love both, but if I had to choose one, it would be...Adelaide!
Reply:I like them both, but if forced to choose Id have to say Adelaide.

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