Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm getting married in April, and for my favors I'm giving my guests a small potted African Violet.?

I just have two questions, 1 when should I start growing ( I'm trying it from seed)? and 2 I have read so many different ways to grow them I'm lost! PLEASE HELP!!

I'm getting married in April, and for my favors I'm giving my guests a small potted African Violet.?
if you are growing them now i doubt you will have a full plant by april...i do not know anyone who has tried these by themselves by seed... why not buy them in bulk and on a violet covered stock card through your printer with nice font attach care instructions for each guest?
Reply:African violets hate getting their leaves wet, and don't like wet 'feet', otherwise everyone else's advice above is right on the target. Be careful of plants from large home centers, make sure they have been properly watered, soil has not drawn away from edges of pots, lift one out and make sure roots are not brown or dark tan, no bugs(white flies), and there is no root rot. CongratulationS!
Reply:My advice if you really want to give your guests african violets is go buy them. It is Feb 18 and you have less than two months and you can not grow african violets that fast. And starting from seed is not smart. The best way is to propigate leaves from full size plant and plant leaf into soil and let it grow from there. Even then you wouldn't have enough time to have nice, full plant.

Our Walmart carries two sizes of African violet is smaller and is around $1.50 and the other is $3.00.

If you don't want to spend the money then I would be rethinking giving each guest a plant.
Reply:I agree. From seed there is a much bigger risk that none of them will come out. Try buying a few plants, taking their leaves off and either putting them in water until roots form or planting them straight into soil.

If all else fails, try what we did at my wedding. Since we had people traveling from all over, we chose the 'state' flower from my hubby's province (he's from Canada) which is an iris and mine (california) which is a poppy. We took the bulb and seeds and put them in a nice package for people to plant in their own gardens. Then when the flowers grew in the spring and summer, they would think of us.

Good luck and congratulations

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