Monday, November 16, 2009

Does anyone know where "Violet On The Runway" by Melissa Walker takes place?

I need to know for an english project. I have to make a travel brochure based on the setting.

Tell me if you know where the book takes place because I couldn't find it in the book. If you also know about that place,(once you find the place), give me any information you can about it. Thanks sooooo much! Please help!

Does anyone know where "Violet On The Runway" by Melissa Walker takes place?
That's easy a small town...

Violet Greenfield never aspired to a modeling career. Being famous wasn’t really part of her life plan or anything; she didn’t think she was the modeling type.

But that all changed when a modeling agent from New York City walks into the movie theater where Violet works and tells her that she’s got what it takes to be the new “it” girl. Angela hands over her card, says that Violet should come to New York to jump-start her modeling career. Plain, insecure wallflower Violet. A model, in New York. It sounds crazy, right? Who knew being freakishly tall and skinny could be an asset?

Maybe so, but she’s going anyway.

What makes this book stand out, in my mind, among so many books about life in the spotlight, is that Violet really is a normal teenager. She’s an amazing and memorable character, but a major reason I found her story so memorable is that she is an ordinary girl, from just a few hours away from my town, who suddenly finds herself in a totally opposite world of glitz and glamour as a model in NYC–a world that she quickly finds out is not as glitzy and glamourous as it first appears.

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