Monday, November 16, 2009

African violet dying - How to revive!?

1 month ago, I've left my african violet with my neighbour while I was on holiday. Instructed not to water from top, but I think she has forgotten! Now my precious plant has withering leaves, soft, brown and looking very sick. How to revive it? Please help!

African violet dying - How to revive!?

I've had the same things happen to me at times.

I tried saving to plants by re-potting, dousing with chemicals, trimming and dunking affected plants in hydrogen peroxide.

When all said was done with limited results, I end up most times, just taking cuttings and tried starting new plants.

I also am an avid fan of the websites shown below, because the people over there offer tips and advice that I have found useful specific, and in general.

Take a look/see at the sites, you may find many helpful answers.

Hope this helps, and best of results to you,

Reply:add some sugar to the mix of water you are giving it. also remove any really brown looking leaves.
Reply:Few steps to take:

- remove all dead material;

- repot the plant in sterile/clean potting soil;

- use "Vitamin B1" after you plant it into clean soil;

- apply a light systemic fungicide to the plant because I ultimately believe that the plant is suffering some rot -- try Spectrum Immunox or do a search on a systemic fungicide - apply at a medium dose - this should clear up any rot which the plant has taken up

If all else fails -- before doing any of the above; try to salvage a few of the AViolet leaves -- plant/pin them into sterile potting soil and try to propogate new plants from them -- even if the original plant does not survive you can keep the "lineage" of the plant alive by growing babies from the original stock.
Reply:Remove all dead or dying leaves and repot the remaining fresh with some good potting compost.
Reply:Another reason to keep in mind is the fact that they do not like to be moved from a location is has been used to. So what ever else you do is fine but put the plant in its old location.
Reply:haha people always water the tops of those things.

i would try repotting it with nice soil, and giving it a good amount of sunshine
Reply:Remove the brown leaves. Give the plant mild dose of fertilizer. You can also try starting new ones if you have any good leaves left. (cut central veins, lay leaf on potting soil)

good luck
Reply:I am in indoor landscaping specialist and i take care of quite a few african violets. I agree completely with reynwater. Trim any dead or dying leaves, mild fertalizer, maybe a little b-1, and you could try superthrive if you can find it. I would take cuttings (1 leaf cut at the base of the leaf's stem) and bury it half in new soil. the more cuttings the better chance that a nice new plant will grow, though africal violets take root easily. also, i would definitely not repot the whole plant as repotting causes much stress and you risk losing the plant all together.
Reply:I would remove any dead from the plant and repot it into new African violet soil and if you have a few good leaves left cut one off, place the stem, right up to the leaf part into the soil and water, adding nothing else!! Place next to a window. Hopefully one of these will survive, maybe both. I have grown these for years, won many blue ribbons at the fair, and never put anything but water on them. I also water from the top on most of them, but trying to avoid spilling water on the leaves. Your neighbor might have overwatered, killing the root, and the main plant might die anyway, but maybe you can get one started. Just be patient with the leaf and soon you will see little leaves popping out of the soil.

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