Monday, November 16, 2009

How do you induce a Bromilliad to bloom? also same for African Violet?

Take an apple, put the plant and and apple in a plastic bag for a week. The ethelene gas from the apple will induce it to bloom. Use African violet food for the african violet, and make sure it has enough light. Your plants will love you! :) Arum

How do you induce a Bromilliad to bloom? also same for African Violet?

this will tell you exactly....the fun part is after the bloom and the pups start showing up to be the new mother plants

African violets require a lot of care and is a wonderful PFD
Reply:The apple method works; also, just old-fashioned time and patience. As the bromeliad finishes its life cycle, it has in the meantime produced an offshoot. As this new plant matures, the mother plant dies, and the new plant takes over. It is then relatively easy to remove the original plant. Then restabilize the new plant in the medium, ensure that its natural "saucer" is filled with water and kept that way, and a bloom will be forthcoming. Then the entire process starts again. African violets go into periods of prolific bloom, lasting at least several weeks, then they must remain dormant in order to have resources for the next flush of bloom. Every living thing must undergo a rest period, in order to maintain itself and to produce vegetative growth which produces its own food to keep itself alive. If the plant has sufficient light, has a proper growing medium in the appropriate size pot and its fertilizer requirements have been met, soon you will see blossoms arising from the crown. Always carefully remove spent blossoms so that it does not produce seed pods which would rob it of energy needed for bloom. The seeds produced would probably not amount to anything in a residential setting anyway. Good luck.

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