Monday, November 16, 2009

What color has more energy, red or violet light?


What color has more energy, red or violet light?
Photon Energy is given by

E = hc/L where h is planks constant, c is the speed of light and L is the wavelength. So the Energy per photon goes up as the wavelength goes down. Violet light has the shorter wavelength.
Reply:The energy of light goes up as the frequency goes up. Violet light has a higher frequency than red light thus violet light has more energy.
Reply:Violet light.

The sun have a violet light so the violet light is stronger than red light.
Reply:e=mc^2 so if c were the speed of light,, lets try this differantly. Light energy is measured in Photons and

ulta violate light which has a higher frequancy on the light

spectrum also has more photons

Everyone except rscanner is wrong.

Violet light has more energy - not red!
Reply:red has a longer wavelength, violet has the shorter wavelength. they both have the same enery though
Reply:violet light. Energy = wavelength * frequency. the frequency is the same and wavelenght of red is about 700nm and of violet it is about 400nm. so red has more energy
Reply:i think it is red. i believe that since it has a shorter wavelength that it has more energy

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