Monday, November 16, 2009

What do you think of the name Iris Violet for a girl?

Both names are lovely -- and I especially adore underused Iris ;) -- but I'd avoid using two floral names together.

Perhaps you could tweak it a bit, so as to eliminate one literal flower reference? Iris Viola, for example? Or possibly even use a name similar to Iris that happens to have a "violet" meaning -- Iole, Iola, Iolanthe or Ianthe, for instance. :)

I wouldn't pair both Iris and Violet, however, but (again) great names separately!

Ps. Be especially careful with "Violet Iris." It sounds like you're describing eye color. LOL

What do you think of the name Iris Violet for a girl?
dosn't sound right, keep working on it
Reply:Both are very nice names. Though Violet Iris flows a bit better.

Congrats if you are expecting!
Reply:Very Beautiful Choice of name for your child!

You may also want to try

Jasmine Voilet

Voilet Rose

Iris Rose

Jasmine Rose

Iris Voilet

Good Luck and Congrats!
Reply:violet first
Reply:ehhh i dono...... iris jasmine is prettier i think
Reply:no or ma be yes but tr better name if you do not go with that name
Reply:i think it sound weird....i like both names separate though
Reply:honestly i dont like it that much. but its not my baby were naming here! name it what you want!
Reply:It is ok.. :) I'm not a fan of the flower names, but not bad!
Reply:it's a bit floral.
Reply:About the same as I think of Rose Tulip for a girl.
Reply:Hmm, I like Violet Iris best. Lovely.
Reply:Iris Violet (but agree that together they are a "bit much" and are better used seperately)
Reply:This would work if your a florist! Jk, I think it's beautiful, although I do like Violet Iris better.
Reply:I like it as long as the last name is not Flower or Garden.
Reply:I think you like flowers. I am just kidding... it is adorable!!
Reply:its cute... name your baby what makes you happy
Reply:Both names are very outdated.
Reply:Both names are beautiful. Nms to put them together but if you love it then that is what you should name her.
Reply:I like the name Iris, and I like the name Violet, but I think that's a lot of purple flowers for one name. Maybe Iris Victoria, then Danica Violet?
Reply:Very pretty names. I have a friend name Iris Michelle and her younger sister name is Violette Marie.
Reply:I like Violet Iris better, but Iris Violet is a good name

Reply:Love it! Both are gorgeous and less common flower names; perfect for a girl. But since I actually like Violet a little more (not that it makes much of a difference lol) I personally would use Violet Iris - but that's just personal bias haha. Iris Violet is absolutely gorgeous as is; go for it! lol
Reply:i love them both!!!!!!!!!
Reply:too much flower!!! and personally if my name was iris i would hate my mom for naming me that!! loll srry...but i luv the name violet =] mean very unique. TOTALLY AWESOME...
Reply:I don't like it becuase there two words put together. Separtly there lovely but not so much together.
Reply:I like that name.


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