Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Violet my probation by leaving the state without permission?

i left the states to canada, will i be arrested in canda for violeting my probation.

I Violet my probation by leaving the state without permission?
If your probation officer has realized you've left the state (they almost never give permission for a probationer to leave the country), a warrant has probably already been filed.

Since you were placed on probation, I'm assuming you were not convicted of a serious crime (like murder, escape from a correctional facility, etc.). Canada is not going to hunt you down for a smaller crime, but once you return to the US, you will probably be picked up.
Reply:Your obvious lack of education shows in your question and spelling. Yes you can be arrested in Canada for violation of your parole. I hope a bounty hunter finds you and has an accident transporting you back to the states.
Reply:Yes, you should go back and take care of what you need to and get it over with.
Reply:If you are talking about violating your probation yes you are. Will you be arrested in Canada? Probably not. Probation is usually for lessor charges and they will not send the police to "Hunt" you down. They will however put a warrant out for you but will not usually get you until you are stopped by the police for one reason or another. This WILL happen eventually. If you are on probation for a serious offense they might.
Reply:Just go back, return to the state that has you on probation. Why make matters worst for yourself. You should count yourself lucky for being on probation.
Reply:why wait. get back there
Reply:pretty much and im snitching..
Reply:i'm telling.
Reply:If they find out, probation can be revoked and you go back to prison
Reply:you already know the answer to that...
Reply:Probation is a special privilege granted by the Court on your word of honor to abide by the Law.Avoid the temptation to breach the condition. If you do not do any silly things, you might actually get your probation curtailed and succeed in getting jobs through the Probation Officer. I once employed one such reformed probationer and today he is a member of the Clergy, helping others.
Reply:It is a matter of time, but you will pay the piper, sooner or later you must turn yourself in. They may go easier on you if you do it on your own.
Reply:Canada won't arrest you unless the state has put out a warrant at the border. And unless your probation officer has some way of finding out, it's unlikely anything will happen to you. If they do find out, then it'll be up to them what happens. They might violate you back to jail or extend your probation. I would advise you not to do it again if you do get away with it this time.
Reply:you got to get past the border guards first. Oh yeah you will have screwed yourself big time. Violators are made to learn a foreign language like Quebecois french. Then you never get home and treated like a white guy again.
Reply:you just might.
Reply:It's 'violated' - not 'Violet' - Violet is a flower hon. I really don't see your question. I see an admission of wrong doing. Accept the consequences. You broke the law. After all you were on probation for a different guilty charge. Don't you see a pattern there...that you run rampant and set yourself up? You should think over the fact that your behavior reveals a complete lack of responsibility to yourself and society.
Reply:Hopefully, they have a school in Canada for people that can't spell and have bad writing skills!!
Reply:Coming back into the US at any border check point they will ask for your ID and if you have a warrant then they will detain you. But if no one has reported you then you can get back to where you need to be. Or you can call you probate officer and hope he is in a good mood and they can help you a little.
Reply:No, if you don't tell anyone.

take a base to go buck , if you fly , it is more custom and cheking
Reply:They usually won't knock themselves out looking for you in Canada or anything, unless you have done a serious crime. If you come to the attention of authorities there for another reason, they can find that out though and send you back.

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