Saturday, November 14, 2009

How To Accentuate Violet Eyes?

I have brown eyes and amethyst colored contact lenses (FreshLook ColorBlends if it matters at all). I hoped to have a drastic eye-color change, but it just made my eyes look a hint more grayish-blue. I know that certain colors make the color of your iris more visible and radiant, but my problem is that I don't know which colors those are/what to do.

If there is anyone who knows what colors work best to change a dull violet to stunning, vibrant amethyst, please help me.

How To Accentuate Violet Eyes?
try a dark violet blue and put it on really thinly and it will accentuate her eyes. Or apply a a dull viloet on your eyes so it makes your eyes look brighter! I suggest golds and pinks and greens! You should try it to make sure it works but im pretty sure that it works!
Reply:Try using earth tone colors, like brown and dark green. Cause purple eyeshodow brings out the brown in eyes, so I would think brown could do the same for violet lenses, and green compliments violet. Hope this helps. ;)
Reply:most prescription contact lenses will change your eyes to a fairly normal color, if you're looking for something truly dramatic you may have to think about ordering some specially. There are a number of places online that you can look up, I would also think about talking to your/an optometrist to see if they have any recommendations.
Reply:use AZIZA eyeshadows in velvety professionally matched are some tips:

1)apply light shade to lid %26amp; brow bone,

2)then apply medium shade along crease.

3)blend using upward strokes

**For a more dramatic look,follow above steps,thenapplydark shade to outer corner of the lid in an angle to liftand shape the eye.
Reply:The color opposite on the color wheel: green. It is recommended that people with green eyes use purple shadow/eyeliner. Commutative Property.
Reply:Well, I'm an Independent Avon Sales Rep as well as a Beauty Advisor. Send me an email and I can send you a link to my Personal Care system. It will give you a skin care regimen as well as a color collection after you enter your profile, skin type, color, even EYE color.

Look forward to helping you.

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