Friday, November 13, 2009

Is it good the color of my motiff in my wedding is lavender or something violet?

this violet color is the color for the dead ,use in lent season sometimes in advent season.Is there no BAD effect in our family live,if ever i will choose this color as my motiff in our wedding.other people telling me and giving FEEDBACK, thats not good... . this my favorite so very anxious about this....... i cannot start my wedding plan because of this! my wedding is next year.Jan.09.......

Is it good the color of my motiff in my wedding is lavender or something violet?
Lavender is *gorgeous* as a wedding color! My daughter had that and it was beautiful!! I made her wishing well and hung silk wisteria off it. It is not the color of the dead. Don't worry about it, hon...pick the color YOU want to have for YOUR wedding. It will be beautiful!
Reply:I think you should use what you like, but try to choose something light, not too dark. I think violet would be great and accuatly, I have already seen a wedding where the bridesmade wore light violet and it was gorgeous.

Some sites:

Good look
Reply:Use the color that you wish to use. I've seen PLENTY of weddings with lavender or violet. It is a very pretty color and it is your day, so you decide on what will make you happy.
Reply:It is your wedding and you should pick what makes you happy! Lavender is a great color. I know that you are saying during the advent season it is used as a color for the dead but that is only in Christian tradition. Look it up in other cultures and traditions, I'm sure lavender has many many different meanings. Good luck and congrats on the wedding! = )
Reply:In China white is the color of the dead - so try not to worry too much about superstitions, especially since it's your favorite color :) And anyway, Violet has really nice associations, too, of royalty, sumptuousness, and luxury. Also, I googled violet and found this:

"The violet flower is a pledge of faithfulness.

In his sonnets, Shakespeare used the violet as a symbol of humility and constancy in love. "

And also, isn't Lent about purification? I don't see any "death" connotations! I think these people telling you it's bad might have good intentions but they don't really know what they're talking about.

I think if you are worried that the decorations will remind people too much of lent/advent church services the accent colors %26amp; flower choices are going to make all the difference here.

If I were you I'd go to an upscale fabric store (NOT joanne fabrics!) and start having a look at the Lavender %26amp; Violet fabrics - Why? Because the textile studios have done all the hard work, they've picked out colors that look beautiful together, and they may even do combinations that you'd never expect or think up on your own.

If you see something with color combinations that you really fall in love with, you can buy a small amount of the fabric and let that be your guiding inspiration for your color theme:) (If you are REALLY in love with the colors you can always cut up the fabric to give pieces to "helpful relatives" who want to "assist" you with your decorations to make sure they stick to the colors on the swatch...)

Good luck!
Reply:Your colors should be anything that you like! If you want that color then use it! You won't be happy if you decide not to go with it. It would look great!

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