Friday, November 13, 2009

We see by the visible spectrum Light holds infra red and ultra violet too So what is it really like,?

Light is invisble until it reflects from something and then the object is recognised by the viewer. Humans can only see visible light.

We see by the visible spectrum Light holds infra red and ultra violet too So what is it really like,?
Infra-Red and Ultra violet are not in the visible spectrum, Hence we can't see them.

If your question is what would the world look like if we could see them then that's impossible to answer because it's impossible to determine if one person even perceives the visible spectrum in the same way as another. It's completely subjective.
Reply:Light spectrum is a continuum starting from low frequency of radio LW signal up to gamma rays.

So the generic "light" that enter your eyes is not formed by three color components but looks like a continuous function that span all the visible and non visible frequencies.

You eyes can only see around three specific wavelengths that we call red, green and blue. It is only a minimum part of the total information contained in light; other animals can see other frequencies. I.e. birds can see four frequency, so their color view is richer than ours; some people have a defect in one of the color sensor cells, so they color space is reduced.

Some materials are fluorescent, it means that they adsorb high frequency (short wavelength) light that we couldn't see, and emit it after a short while at a slightly lower frequency, that we can see.
Reply:Some people have plastic lenses inserted into their eyes to overcome cataract problems. Because of the different refractive index of the plastic is different to the organic original these people can see further into the violet end of the spectrum than the rest of us, so I guess the answer is ask one of them.
Reply:Most people can see the near end of ultra violet which is in fact violet light, and infra red which is in fact red light.

We are all individuals and so our capacities are quite different.
Reply:the visible spectrum does not normally include infra red and ultra violet.
Reply:Are there other, unknown wavelengths of light?

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