Thursday, May 20, 2010

African violet cuttings?

I was given a violet cutting--a leaf and stem. It has been potted for several months. The leaf looks vibrant but I am not getting any new growth. How long does it take before new growth occurs?

African violet cuttings?
I agree with the answers so far. Some cuttings take longer than others. After several months I bet if you take a toothpick and gently pike around the stem you might find tiny leaves trying to reach the light through the dirt. My best luck has been to put fresh cuttings with a 1"- 2" stem in a small baggie. I add a few drops of the AF fertilized water I use routinely.. I seal the bag and check that there is not more than a couple of drops of water in the bag. It forms a mini green house. Several leaves can go in the same bag. It takes several weeks, in morning light--- that's the only place my violet seem to grow --- before you see the little roots forming. Let them get really long and tangled before planting. It may take several months. I tip the bag now and then to be sure the roots are moist, not sopping. Sometimes a leaf will rot out but 75% of the leaves grow good root structures and survive being transplanted to a loose soil mix, placed in an east or south window.
Reply:African Violets are very hard 2 grow so your lucky maybe by summer.Good Luck
Reply:I never did it that way - I always cut the end of the stem nice a clean with a sharp knife and stuck the stem into a bottle or jar. You can put a piece of foil over the mouth of the jar, and make a hole just big enough for the stem. You have to watch that the water level is up over the bottom of the stem always.

By and by some roots grow down and then by and by these tiny little leaves form around the place where the stem was cut. When they get a bit bigger, you can take the whole mess out of the jar with the original leaf and stick the roots into soil, leaving all the tiny leaves exposed, and pretty soon you have a violet.
Reply:If the leaf is still looking vibrant, you know something's happening downstairs with it's roots - hang in there. I've been growing them all my life, sometimes they take a while. Never water from the top. It will happen, just don't overwater either. Perhaps try and feed it some foliar feed or liquid feeder containing some potassium to encourage the root growth. Good luck.
Reply:I started one myself,it only took it a couple weeks,remeber to always water it from the bottom,good luck

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