Friday, May 21, 2010

Where can i buy violet essence/flavouring for use in baking?

If you're in the UK there's 2 things you can do. Buy crystalized violets from Sainsburys and make your own flavouring by infusing in hot water and use that water to make a syrup. Or the cheapest alternative is buying a roll of Parma violet sweets and pounding it until is just powder, use as you would flour of icing sugar.

Alternatively go here:

Where can i buy violet essence/flavouring for use in baking?
Reply:online just google it
Reply:chemist or chemical warehouse, esp those selling artificial colors to big companies.
Reply:You are looking for violet EXTRACT.

A violet flavoring oil is a concentrated essence of the violet. Flavoring oils can also be made from roses or orange blossoms, or spices like cinnamon or anise, herbs like peppermint, or nuts, like almond or the vanilla bean.

True violet extract or violet flavoring oil is indeed difficult to come by and is more likely to be found on French web sites than American, or at very well-stocked culinary shops with an emphasis on baking products and equipment. We did find one reliable American source, Surfas® Restaurant Supply in Los Angeles. Their choice is from Selectarome made by Lavoilotte of Cannes in France, the leading producer of violets.

The product #40957 and cost $22.50 for 3.9oz. Although pricey, it can be stored almost indefinitely in a cool dark cupboard. Take care to ensure that the lid is screwed on tightly. Eventually, of course, the flavor will lose its strength, but such a small quantity will help you flavor icings for many cakes and baked goods for a very long time.

For more information, call Surfas customer service at (866)-799-4770 if it's not on their website at

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