Sunday, May 16, 2010

What do people think of someone with red hair and violet eyes - is that freaky?


I wish I was that person. Are you nuts? Red hair looks so great, only few people have red hair. Violet eyes are perfect.

What do people think of someone with red hair and violet eyes - is that freaky?
OMG Violet eyes thats soo coool!!

I have red hair and blue eyes!
Reply:I have red hair and I think that violet eyes will look good with your hair.
Reply:I love Red hair.. until just recently mine was but I decided to go back to brown for awhile.. and violet eyes sounds pretty.
Reply:you may change to green color .
Reply:What you just gave a glimpse in words of is beyond classical beauty.....the reasons men fought wars, the reasons Queens were who they were,....for you have described a thing so rare and fine...that the captivation of the combination makes my eyes well w/ tears....if you speak of another, I call that person fortunate...should you be speaking of yourself...then You are that Queen who would bear great princes for realms of fantasy.....for love, for light for peace.....those to see this beauty would be blessed. No.not freaky at all...actually an awe of Woman kind....who with a glance...sheds peace.
Reply:No I think it would look pretty cool !
Reply:Not freaky at all - it sounds like mystical, beautiful and vivrant combination.
Reply:Sounds pretty. I wish I could meet someone like that. I've never seen violet eyes before!
Reply:Sounds hot to me.
Reply:Sounds beautiful and very unique.
Reply:In the West country , No - but in the Eastern countries -Yes

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