Sunday, May 16, 2010

African Violet...What can I do?

I have had this particular african violet for about a year. It was near death, all the flowers died, the leaves wilted. I moved it, fed it, watered it from the roots and talked to the little bugger. It came back has beautiful green fuzzy leaves but no flowers have come yet. Do I need to do anything else?

African Violet...What can I do?
have you tried fertilizing with a african violet food? It is worth the cost to buy the special stuff, mine bloomed shortly after. Read the instructions carefully though because you can over do it which will cause it to only produce leaves and not flowers.
Reply:water with the warmest water you can stand to the touch and go easy on the direct sun. A west window is perfect. Make sure you're not overwatering and causing root rot. Make sure it's not root bound.
Reply:always use warm water, when watering your violet.

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