Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do full spectrum lightbulbs include ultra violet (UV) rays?

Hi, I just installed a full spectrum lightbulb on my celing light. It says "Simuates full spectrum" "natural day light" "Uplifting and Bright Light" on the packaging. Do these bulbs also give off UV rays (which is a part of natural sun's spectrum, I assume), which I want to avoid? If they do, probably I'll change them to regular light bulbs. Thank you!

Do full spectrum lightbulbs include ultra violet (UV) rays?
Generally speaking these bulbs do include ultraviolet light. You do not necessarily want to avoid it - the spectra of such bulbs typically has a lot more UV-A (soft ultraviolet, as per the "black lamp" types of wavelengths) and less UV-B (hard ultraviolet, as in tanning booths etc.)

The ultraviolet levels decline quite rapidly - within three to six months the levels of UV are down to about half the original, although the visible light output will not have changed. The compounds in the bulb that generate the UV part of the spectrum break down during use.

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