Sunday, May 16, 2010

Should non violet prisoners in jail get better treatment than others?

Been in jail for DUI and before that for theft/stolen goods. On both times I was treated just the smae as people who were in for violent crimes - same over the top security when being transported and out of unit, closed visits, sme time in cell etc. Why don't they make a difference at county jails like prisons about the different type of people who are in there?

Should non violet prisoners in jail get better treatment than others?
Actually not in prison, you are treated according to your security rating, Your crime is part but not all of your security rating.

In jail, you have varoius levels and including those who are not convicted yet, So most jails have one standard of high security for everyone,

Normally part of the issue at jails is they are smaller, and the same staff work with varous security levels during the same shift,
Reply:Non violet, absolutely not unless they are green.

By they way, have you considered the people you hurt stealing and driving under the influence. My only problem with your treatment is that they let you out. I hope you get hit by a drunk on your way to the bar. Dumbshitt. Yeay go ahead and report me, at least I didn't get fcked in the **** in prison.
Reply:they try to make it as terrible as they can 'so people won;t want to come back...with their sick minds they really believe that if they had nicer beds and nicer sections for the less violent' that people would love to go to ill is that
Reply:a criminal is a criminal - why should you get better treatment?
Reply:Yes I think non violent prisoners should be housed in minimum security facilities rather than a standard jail to open up space for those who do use violence in the commission of their crime.
Reply:Because there are limited facilities. There are attempts to seperate individuals if they are dangerous but you have to bear in mind one important factor;

Jail is the mechanism to seperate the members of society that are dangerous. If you don't want to be with the dangerous members than don't be one of them.
Reply:i think most violent ones should get exucuted so yes i think you should get better treatment them what i think they should.
Reply:I believe it's because everyone in jail is a criminal and should be treated as just that.
Reply:The way I look at it, only things that involve violence should be crimes.

All theft is violence, regardless of the presence of other people, and the difference between DUI and Vehicular Homicide is pure luck. You actually are a violent offender.

People imprisoned for simple possession crimes should be released, not treated better. Possession should not be a crime.

You, on the other hand, need to be out in the field growing your own food, not whining about the unfairness of the life you created for yourself while eating food provided for by the taxpayer.

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