Sunday, May 16, 2010

What do you think of the name Penelope Violet?

We are having our third daughter, and we love the name Penelope (nickname Penny). But we have had some interesting reactions when we tell our family. So I was just wondering what others might think of this name? Thanks!

What do you think of the name Penelope Violet?
Completely gorgeous and I love your other daughters names! I like the fact that they all have floral middle names.
Reply:Penelope makes me think of a very beautiful, successful, knowlegdable woman with a very cute %26amp; sexy accent: like Penelope Cruz! I think it is a great name that is not over-used at all like so many names. Go for it! If you love the name don't worry about what others even family say about it!
Reply:I think it's unusual, but great! Penelope is a very underused Greek name. She was the clever wife of Odysseus who held off suitors for years while he was gone. Violet is a beautiful, soft floral name that adds an unexpected pop to the name. The repeating E and L sounds tie it together. Great choice! I also like the nicknames Nellie and Nella. Good luck!
Reply:Penny is not my fave, but I like Penelope Violet. I think it's great as long as you don't have a long last name. I would just not even tell my family until the baby is born so you don't have to listen to everyone's opinion.
Reply:very pretty. people always have something to say when you are trying to be different and go with your own ideas. Keep it, by the 3rd dy of her life they will not be able to stop saying it and will realize she has the perfect name.

Congrats, hope things go well for you.
Reply:I almost closed the page but I saw your question down near the bottom and I think Penelope Violet is so cute. Go for it! It's your baby, not theirs. They'll get used to it anyway, especially once they see what a joy your baby girl will bring!
Reply:It`s your baby .. name her whatever fits you. But get a name you would like to hear all the time %26amp; would not get on your nerves. But Penelope Violet is a wonderful name %26amp; penny is a good nickname. I have no suggestions!
Reply:I like Penelope ("Peen-a-loop what a beautiful name" hahah, that is from some movie can't remember the title tough) but I dont like Penny. I LOVE Violet.
Reply:I've always like Penny but never liked Penelope...I don't know why!!! I think it's more the way it looks in writing than the actual sound...

I LOVE Violet.....
Reply:i actually love that name - what are the names of your other children? just cos i always think it's important that childrens' names sound right together.
Reply:Violet- yes

Penelope- no
Reply:I love the name Penelope Violet!
Reply:seems like u have good taste in names. i like penny as a nickname. and violet is lovely!
Reply:I think it's very pretty
Reply:It's beautiful!! I'd stick with that name!!
Reply:it's cute. congrats! third times a charmer!
Reply:LOVE IT!!!
Reply:cute..however it has alot goin on with the name..kinda busy.

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